Inspirational Words: Always Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams

inspirational words Jan 03, 2024

‘Inspirational words’ is the space where you can come for those times on your personal development journey when you feel lost, lacking focus, or triggered, or your ‘self-talk’ leaves you feeling unworthy, when you need to hear something wise, uplifting, and inspirational as a reminder that you are a miracle and deserve to be the best for yourself and those you love.

This is also a space for those times when you aspire to something greater, a dream or goal and vision of your future that is different from your reality today. Use these words to empower yourself to overcome the challenges and make the changes to realise your dreams.

I encourage you to read the words, reflect on them and journal the emotions that bubble to the surface for you. Too often, we let the negativity fester, bringing us down. It’s okay to have what I call a ‘pity party’; just give it a time frame, one hour, one day, or one week, and use that time to explore and process what you need to. Seek out support and professional help if you need it.


Always Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams

By Susan Polis Schultz


Know yourself —

what you can do

and want to do in life

Set goals

and work hard to achieve them

Have fun every day in every way

Be creative —

it is an expression

     of your feelings

Be sensitive in viewing the world

Believe in the family

as a stable and rewarding way

of life

Believe in love

as the most complete

and important emotion possible

Believe that you are

an important part of

everyone’s life that you touch

Believe in yourself

and know that you are loved.


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Share your reflections in the comments. I would love to hear how the words resonate with you.


Remember, when you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place.


OM xx


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