The ‘Correcting Crisis’ and how to get through it

health well-being Jul 13, 2022

As you begin to nourish your body with whole foods, eat less processed fake foods, or begin to use high quality supplements, you will notice differences in how you feel.


The typical reaction is a gradual development of an increased sense of wellbeing. It may begin with an increase in stamina, you aren’t as tired at the end of your days, and you wake up alert and refreshed in the mornings. Your skin becomes clearer and loses that grey tinge, lines are less visible, and your natural glow returns. You may see a reduction in pre-menstrual tension, bloating, indigestion and fat loss. You no longer experience ‘brain fog’ and may notice an improvement in your level of alertness and memory. Little things do not bother you as much as they once did, and patterns of grumpiness move to a feeling of being more emotionally secure and less concerned to sweat the small stuff. Your eyes begin to sparkle again, and you feel like you are living to your potential!


Physiological and emotional reactions will vary to different degrees depending on your level of toxicity, physically and emotionally. And for some people, some physical and emotional reactions may be more uncomfortable than the change in routine.


It is not an overnight process to balance your body chemistry, support your immune system and allow your body to eliminate problematic substances efficiently. The longer deficiencies have existed, the longer your history of poor diet, not enough or too much movement, smoking, drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, and functioning at extremely high-stress levels with no reprieve, the more intense your response will be. Don’t let this put you off creating positive changes to your lifestyle. The OM blog, programs and membership have you covered with support resources that will ease you into the changes to improve how you nourish yourself.


Corrective reactions may include skin breakouts, excessive gas, runny nose, headaches, dehydration, cravings, insomnia, weakness, lethargy, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, nervousness, moodiness, or pains in joints and muscles. They may be uncomfortable; however, acknowledge the temporary nature of the symptoms as steps in the correcting crisis, moving you toward better health and wellness. It is important that you pay attention and notice the differences in your body if something doesn’t feel right, you break out in a skin rash, or there is shortness of breath this is more likely an allergic reaction to something you have consumed, please stop immediately and seek medical advice.


If you suffer from any of the corrective crisis symptoms here are some tips to get you through.




We know there is going to be some resistance, and some discomfort when we are changing a habit or routine. That is why I believe it is essential for you to set an intention and define a goal.


Setting an intention builds conscious awareness and helps your mind-body connection, and often your healing process. An example intention, ‘I intend to listen to my body, and rest when needed.’ Setting intentions while you are creating new lifestyle habits will allow you to feel more ‘in-tune’ with your body.  This will help you when you are deciding what movement you would like to add into your days.  Your intention will help you understand your emotional connection and attachment to different foods. This will also offer you an opportunity to be mindful with new habits and eating behaviour. You will even begin to notice the foods that make your body feel good, and you enjoy.



The goal only needs to be short, a baby step of likes. Keep your goal specific and attainable. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment. Moving toward the achievement of your goal will keep you inspired. It may also relate to your reasons for changing and implementing new habits. Example goals, ‘To stop wearing foundation when my skin is clear.’ Or ‘To not run out of breath when I am playing with the children.’




Water is the elixir of life. Drinking water can help eliminate cravings and headaches associated with removing caffeine and processed sugar from your diet.


Water is going to help your body function at its optimum, support the removal of problematic substances and will contribute to the natural cleansing of the kidneys. Sufficient water intake has also been associated with improved productivity, stamina, focus and memory.



  1. SLEEP


I cannot emphasis enough the importance of rest and rejuvenation. It is during this time that your body will restore and heal. Reducing screen time, TV, phones, and iPads will assist in enhancing your sleep and relaxation processes.





Practice conscious breathing exercises, 5 deep breaths every hour, this will allow you to focus, relax and increase your body’s healing potential.





Check-in on yourself, enjoy the adventure and experiences that come with changing how you nourish your body, mind and spirit. Take the time to notice how you are feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you feel like it wasn’t a good day, leave it at that and make the next moment a good moment for you. Staying present will have compounding benefits as you deepen your understanding of your healing process.



  1. MOVE


If your body is feeling achy or you are feeling lethargic, it can be because problematic substances that are stored within fat cells are being released. We encourage you to do some light stretching, go for a walk, have a warm magnesium bath or remedial massage.





Part of changing the way we nourish ourselves includes surrounding ourselves with positive people, and living in a clean, organised environment. If you are struggling and need some reassurance use the resources on the OM blog, or consider joining the membership community. I created the membership because I know first-hand how challenging it can be to make lifestyle changes when those around you don’t understand or relate. Quite often I felt alone and unsupported, and it would have been easier to go back to old ways. However, those ways didn’t support my new health and well-being intentions and goals so I stayed the path. And chances are I have experienced what you are experiencing. I believe being part of a like-minded community can be an encouraging and reassuring voice of reason as you progress on the next level of your well-being journey.




Changing your lifestyle to have more energy, feel healthier, and more inspired will take some effort in the beginning. Acknowledge that you are undoing some habits that were formed a long time ago.


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As always, remember your reasons, your health, your mission and the people you love.



OM xx


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