Lunch ‘n’ Learn - inspiring your lunch break!


Join me for this month’s lunch ‘n’ learn on Friday 24th February 12.30 pm

'Sorting your self-talk' 

The inner critic or voice in your head, I call her Mildred. She is that internal monologue that tells you that you aren't good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, skinny enough—always offering some judgement, label, comparison, expectation or fear to prevent you from stepping out and living your best life.

This experience will offer you practical steps to

  • mute your negative self talk
  • practice being kind to yourself


What you'll get

  •  Live 30-minute video session with Ocea
  • 'Sorting your self-talk' worksheets
  •  BONUS lunch recipe.


If you want to wake up inspired and go to bed feeling fulfilled, sorting your self-talk is for you! 

[Please note this session will be recorded. Only an audio file will be released.]

$18.00 AUD or more