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money well-being Nov 02, 2022

There is a scarcity vibe around at this time, and the world is in a state of chaos. The energy is heavy, and the media is bombarding us with many images of lack and despair. Conversations of concern about how the bills will get paid are common. Many people do not know how they will survive with the increasing cost of living and are scared. I feel it all. I am here to tell you that you can manage these feelings and you can work through this. I will not tell you it is easy, but it can be done. And it starts with what I like to call your money story. It's no different than when I share how we create our food story to have freedom with food. Stay with me here. Your relationship with money is as individual as you are and will determine the practical steps you take to attract, earn and handle your money.

The first step, I believe to working out any budget is to understand your money story. How did you get into this financial situation, and what beliefs, decisions and actions brought you to where you are now. What needs to change to get you where you want to be financially? It is vital to understand your beliefs around money and how those beliefs translate into your money behaviours. 

Take some time to reflect on the things you have been told about money. Usually, you will find that these beliefs come from childhood and have stuck with you for no other reason than you haven't challenged them before. You may have struggled to keep money, be unable to save, and have to spend every dollar you get. All these behaviours come from beliefs imposed on you. If these beliefs no longer serve you, it is time to rewrite them. You may have to repeat this several times to discover what keeps you stuck. Be patient with yourself, it can be hard to peel away layers of old beliefs, but it is worth it. And you are worth it!

Secondly, let's explore how these beliefs express themselves through your money personality. To do so, I have adapted a quiz from an old resource I found in 'Working Woman' Magazine, February 1995. 

This quiz will help you work out areas where you can improve your understanding of money matters and how to rewrite a new money narrative to move you from living in fear about money to living with abundance and joy. 

You can download the quiz here.

Do you believe your results accurately describe you? Can you see how your money story has limited you? Or are you spot-on sorted with your ability to attract and use money without the negative emotional attachment? Let me know in the comments below.

While rewriting your money story and aligning your self-worth to attract money is important it is just as important to create some simple, practical lifetime habits for money success.

Here are my top 7

  1. Set yourself financial goals that are achievable
  2. Always keep track of your income and expenses
  3. Treat your income seriously, and use some of it to secure your future
  4. Control your money, don’t let it control you!
  5. Spend less, so that you can save and invest more
  6. Continue to educate yourself about different financial options available to you
  7. Treat financial mistakes as learning experiences (and don’t make the same ones over!) 


If you are looking for support to rewrite your money story to change your narrative and beliefs around money, seek out a money coach who resonates with you. If you are looking for a side gig to earn some extra money email me [email protected]  I would love to help you.

As always, remember your reasons, your health, your mission, and the people you love.

OM xx


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