3 Simple Steps to Being Your Best Self

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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's easy to forget the most important relationship we'll ever have – the one with ourselves. I often say, 'Fall in love with yourself, and everything else falls into place." I wholeheartedly believe this. When you fall in love with yourself, you are kind to yourself. You may practice some tough love, but you rarely criticise yourself (and if you do, you stop immediately and don't dwell on it!). When you truly love yourself, not conceit or arrogance, but rather genuine appreciation for the unique miracle you are, you live aligned, become comfortable in your own skin, accepting your flaws, and all is easier. Changes come from a place of love, not fear; you participate in life and experience more moments of joy.


Through my Love Yourself Well program,  I have supported many women on their self-love journey. I won't sugarcoat it; learning to love yourself is tough. It involves commitment and consistency and is, at times, uncomfortable. However, who you become through that process is magnificent. Loving yourself changes everything.


Here are 3 simple ways you can begin or expand your self-love journey and live as your best self:


1. Practice Self-Reflection

Take time to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Reflect on who you believe you are and how you got to this place in your life. Explore what you like and dislike about yourself. Why do you feel this way about those qualities or features? I challenge you to write 50 positive things about yourself. I heard you … 'what the heck, Ocea 50 things!' Yes, 50! You don't have to do this all at once. Take your time. They will come to you. Explore your feelings as you are doing this. It can be uncomfortable, and I know if I asked you to find 50 negative things, you would have done it already! Understand your strengths, acknowledge your achievements, and recognise areas for growth. Self-awareness is the foundation of self-love.


2. Cultivate Positive Self-Talk

It is almost impossible not to have a negative thought. However, you don't need to allow those thoughts to become part of your identity or self-belief. You see, your inner dialogue shapes your perception of yourself. As the thoughts arise, acknowledge them briefly -discern if they are valid, and then let them pass through. By discerning if they are valid, I mean use your inner critic to your advantage. Let's say you have a thought: I can't do that presentation; I don't know my stuff—Check in with yourself. Have you prepared well? If yes- let the thought go. If not, use that thought to motivate you to act and do what is needed. The idea is not to ruminate on the negative self-talk and let it rule your life. Replace the self-critical thoughts with more positive ones and speak to yourself as you would to a friend or child, offering encouragement and kindness. Often, the negative self-talk comes from expectations of perfection. Remember, perfection is an unrealistic standard; I encourage you to embrace your imperfections – these are what make you unique. Making mistakes is a natural part of growing and learning as a human being, and mistakes don't diminish your self-worth. I also encourage you to keep your word to yourself and set achievable goals that align with your values and aspirations – the more you honour your commitments to yourself, the kinder your internal chatter will be.


3. Be Grateful in the Moments

Anxiety, negativity, and gratitude cannot exist at the exact moment. Cultivating gratitude by focusing on the positive aspects of your life fosters a sense of contentment and self-appreciation. Every morning before you rise from your bed, say thank you. Thank you to your bed for holding you throughout the night, and thank you for having another day to be with those you love and move toward your goals, dreams, and desires. Throughout your day, say thank you for your experiences and the things you have and use. When you are going through challenges, you don't need to be grateful for the tough time you are having. Please don't practice toxic positivity. It is very damaging to your well-being. Be authentic in your emotions about the situation; it may be really difficult. Find something outside of that to say thank you for. I promise there will be something; pop back to step one for some self-reflection if you are struggling. Being grateful in the moment may be something you work towards, so try it. I would love to know how it changes your way of seeing the world; send me an email or let me know in the comments below.


Using introspection, positive self-talk, and gratitude will transform how you live your life. It's not always easy; self-love demands courage and commitment. It will challenge you to confront your inner narratives (the stories you tell yourself) and embrace discomfort. Yet, within this journey lies the promise of magnificence as you uncover the beauty of your uniqueness and prioritise your well-being, allowing you to show up for those you love and feel whole and authentic. Embrace the process, celebrate your uniqueness, and prioritise your well-being. Remember, self-love is a continuous evolution of self, inviting you to celebrate your inherent worth and embrace the profound truth of your existence.


 As always, when you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place.


OM xx


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